For Want of Findings: Administrative Appeal Lessons from the Law Court

Posted by: Archipelago Law in Maine Court Decisions on March 8, 2024

By Keith Richard, Esq. and Richard Qualey, Esq. Published in the MAINE LAWYERS REVIEW – November 9, 2023 In the recent Law Court decision Murray v. City of Portland, the Court once again remanded a government agency decision for lack of sufficient factual findings.  2023 ME 57. The case follows an increasing trend that began in 2021, when […]

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For Want of Factual Findings: A Trend in Maine Supreme Court decisions

Posted by: Archipelago Law in Maine Court Decisions on June 23, 2022

Keith Richard, Principal In 2021, there were a few notable trends in decisions handed down by Maine Supreme Court, sitting as the Law Court.  Each involved administrative appeals from state or local government adjudications that bear important lessons for parties that appear before municipal boards.  The Court’s decisions vacated (reversed or overturned) the decisions at issue on […]

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