Bar Rules

At Archipelago, we believe the best way to serve our community is to craft solutions that consider perspectives from multiple disciplines. Unfortunately, the rules that regulate the provision of legal services in many states have not matched the pace of innovation in other industries. We have carefully designed Archipelago to provide clients with a true multi-disciplinary practice while still complying with the rules. You can expect to find us advocating for change that will allow professionals the freedom to provide a higher level of service to their clients. Until that day comes, please keep in mind the following while you are considering hiring or joining us:

  1. We are a Maine business entity formed for the purpose of providing consulting services which expressly includes the practice of law.
  2. Lawyers and non-lawyers are treated as equals at Archipelago. Just as everyone’s input is considered in crafting solutions for our clients, everyone’s input is considered in making decisions for our own business. Unfortunately, current rules prohibit non-lawyers from holding an ownership interest in the business. Until the rules change, all proprietary interests in Archipelago are held by the lawyers.
  3. While diverse views are encouraged, we have a strict policy against interfering with each other’s professional judgment. Non-lawyers don’t provide legal advice and lawyers don’t give advice outside their own expertise.
  4. From time keeping – to the invoice – to the accounting system, legal fees and non-legal fees are carefully accounted for. The rules prohibit sharing legal fees with non-lawyers. Non-lawyers are either paid a fixed salary or compensated based on work they generate for themselves and for other non-lawyer associates.

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At Archipelago we see our work differently. For us, it’s not about wood paneled conference rooms housing fine art collections. It’s not about top floor corner offices. We don’t care about parking spaces with our names on it; or even seeing our names on the building. If you need that stuff to feel successful, this is not the place for you.

Our Business Model is Simple:

Step 1

Keep the focus on the client

Step 2

Keep the overhead low

Step 3

Keep the egos in check

If you’re tired of spending countless hours in committee meetings arguing about office supplies, we should talk. If you are tired of funding massive amounts of legacy overhead, we should talk. Most importantly, if you think your clients would be happier in a place where you are free to provide them with the best service possible, we definitely should talk.