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A good legal strategy draws from a variety of disciplines. We are tearing down professional siloes to provide our clients with comprehensive legal advice drawn from multiple disciplines and decades of experience.


From the high mountains to the high seas, winning the future requires a healthy respect for objective evidence and careful analysis. We speak data and can translate information about isotopes and physiognomy into actionable plans and real-world results.


We have all seen legal victories or business opportunities evaporate under the harsh light of public scrutiny. We have the people and the expertise to build strategies with policy considerations baked in from the start.

Our Mission

We are a team of professionals from multiple disciplines and diverse backgrounds bringing our training and experience to bear on Maine and New England’s toughest challenges. Just as your work has become more and more complex, the professions you rely upon have become more and more isolated. Specialization is great, but not at the expense of perspective. We are bringing together the best and most experienced specialists, under one roof, to collaborate and work together.

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The right information can save you time, energy, and money. It can improve your process, lower your risk, and help you and your team avoid pitfalls. Whether you are an individual, a business, a non-profit, or a municipality, the right information can save you from legal, regulatory, or policy entanglements.

The advice you receive must come from a trusted team of professionals. You need people who can fill your skill gaps with their own knowledge, experience, and expertise.

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Land and Sea Use

Today, building requires more than simply obtaining a permit and swinging a hammer. Clients look to us for help with all of their development plans. We work with our clients and other professionals to perfect the project and then communicate those plans to decision makers at all levels of government.

Riparian Rights and Responsibilities

The current climate crisis calls for an immediate need to change our relationship with the ocean. We are on the front lines where the land meets the sea and where critical decisions are being made about how to use both in a time of rapid change.

Environmental Hazards

20th century industrialization has too often resulted in 21st century contamination. We work with companies trying to do the right thing. We also work with individuals facing harm when other companies don't live up to their obligations.

Workforce Development

Industries are struggling to attract and train teams that capture the benefits of new technology. To build a modern workforce, you need modern tools. Policies, training, contracts, and even legal defenses play a critical role in defining the culture of a future workforce. That is where we come in.

Maritime and Blue Economy

Rising sea levels, alternative energy, aquaculture, and increased shipping put new pressures on habitat and traditional uses of the ocean. You will find us where thought-leaders are talking about how we protect and better utilize the resources of our rivers, bays, and oceans.

International Technology Transfer

Old ideas of globalization transferred jobs across borders. New globalization transfers ideas across borders. We help innovations flow from universities across the ocean into markets that can maximize their value. Tap into our network of scientists, policy makers, and manufacturers that span the North Atlantic.

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